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Lawry's® Seasoned Pepper

A delectable blend of black pepper, sweet red bell peppers and spices for a complex and full-bodied flavor. LAWRY'S® Seasoned Pepper is a flavorful alternative to plain black pepper. A unique blend of cracked black pepper, sweet red bell peppers and select spices creates a complex and full-bodied flavor.
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Season and spice up your egg dishes. Sprinkle into eggs, before, during or after cooking to add flavor. Add some sauteed veggies and cheese for a delicious morning scramble or omelet. Serve with toast and hash browns.

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21500000703 (2.25oz)

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This product has no significant nutritional value.

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“I like to use this instead of plain black pepper. I would like to be able to buy this in a large container.”


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  • LOVE the Lawry's Seasoned Pepper Blend. I mix it into mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs before they are cooked. I use it to season pork chops, steaks, hamburg, beef roasts, and pork roasts. This is the ONE seasoning I HAVE to have in my kitchen!!!

    Cookie | April 26, 2014

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  • I like this pepper seasoning a lot! I use it on my plain potato chips and it adds a wonderful taste in my mouth. Also, because I am on a low sodium diet for medical reasons this seasoning beats all its competition by far as it always compliments the food with such a rich variety of a peppery sweet flavor.

    Cristine | September 10, 2016

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  • I like to use this instead of plain black pepper. I would like to be able to buy this in a large container.

    Yvonne | October 03, 2016

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  • Grew up with my mom putting this in home made potato salad, deviled eggs, and more. And now I use it as well!

    Lisa | October 05, 2014

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  • The best seasoned pepper! I have used this product since it came out and I always have some at home, at the office and, yes, I carry a bottle with me. I will not eat out without having Lawry's Seasoned Pepper with me. The blend of spices is perfect!

    Liz | January 11, 2015

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  • This product is excellent!!!!!!!! I do not use salt at all, only the seasoned pepper.. Anyone that eats at my table will tell you that I always share this pepper and introduce them to this healthy choice...Thank you!!!!!!

    Tricia | August 21, 2013

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  • I have been sold on this since discovering it almost 10 years ago. Fantastic on scrambled eggs and omelets. Adds much more than the usual pungent bite of black pepper to soups, salads, roasts, baked chicken and fish. No longer use regular plain black pepper and when posting recipes, will always indicate Lawry's Seasoned Black pepper, which packs an amazingly flavorful punch for virtually zero calories!

    Casey | October 29, 2014

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  • Delightful blend of herbs with black pepper. Excellent seasoning for meats. I use it often in place of plain black pepper.

    Sarah | July 22, 2013

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  • I have been using the seasoned pepper for a lot of years now........why is it the seasoned pepper seems to be twice as much as any other seasoning ??? Maybe I need to find another pepper seasoning

    Ron Blane | June 21, 2016

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