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        OUR STORY

        frenchs classic sliders

        Flavor for the Way America Eats

        We’ve been working hard for more than a century to make the best tasting products for your food. From the ballpark to the backyard to the holiday table, French’s is an American staple.

        See where we’ve been, and come along with us for what’s next. There’s never been a better time to get French’s out of the refrigerator onto its rightful place at that table.


        Great Flavor for Over 100 Years

        Nothing brings family and friends together quite like food. French's was introduced to the hot dog—and the public—at the World's Fair in 1904. It was love at first bite.

        With a history rich in flavor and innovation, French’s continues to unite us all.

        Grilled Turkey and Brie Cheese Sandwiches

        Flavor Trends Move Fast

        When it comes to tasting the best, French's hasn’t missed a beat. We continue to make our mark with innovative flavors beyond Classic Yellow Mustard, including Ketchup, French Fried Onions and Worcestershire Sauce. Keep reading to learn more!

        Grilled Turkey and Brie Cheese Sandwiches

        All-American Taste

        Across the country, French’s means great flavor. And what better place to serve it up than the ballpark! The block club party. Or your daughter’s first birthday. No matter where you enjoy your hot dog or burger, you'll always find America's favorite mustard: French's.

        Assorted Products


        George and Francis French, sons of R.T. French introduced French’s Classic Yellow Mustard, served over hot dogs at the St. Louis World’s Fair.

        Waving its red flag over the land of good taste and home of the hungry, French’s mustard was first available in a glass bottle with screw top lid.

        Worcestershire dresses up meats, sauces and stews.

        Shout out to Dorcas Reilly for creating the infamous Green Bean Casserole recipe!  

        The squeezable packet was introduced, making it convenient to enjoy mustard on-the-go.

        Spicy Brown Mustard kicks up the party on sandwiches, salads, burgers and hot dogs.

        Grilled Turkey and Brie Cheese Sandwiches

        Dijon Mustard dresses up deli counters and kitchen tables around the country.

        Easy-squeezy. French’s goes from glass to plastic. Squeeze it on dogs, burgers or straight into your mouth.

        French Fried Onions join the French’s family, garnishing all green bean casseroles here forward.

        Honey Mustard gets Americans dipping everything from chicken fingers to pizza in this sweet & tangy sauce.

        New bottle shape with clean-cap technology. Same great taste. None of the mess.

        Families around the USA can now serve up French's Tomato Ketchup, crafted from fresh ripe tomatoes, spices, with no high fructose corn syrup and is Non-GMO.

        Grilled Turkey and Brie Cheese Sandwiches

        Trusted Tomato Flavor

        We take the same pride in crafting our French’s Tomato Ketchup that we’ve taken with our classic mustard, by sourcing the highest quality tomatoes and ingredients. Non-GMO. No artificial flavors. Gluten free. Just great tomato taste you can feel good about sharing with the ones you love.

        Grilled Turkey and Brie Cheese Sandwiches

        French Name. All-American Taste.

        America. Home of the free and flavorful. Here, you don't need a fancy cookbook, just taste buds. So, let's dress up the classics and let flavor ring. Our name may be French's, but we're an all-American taste.

        Grilled Turkey and Brie Cheese Sandwiches

        Check out all of French's savory recipes - from appetizers to dinner to dessert - discover our versatile selection of delicious recipes. Explore more >