Shaved Vegetable Salad with Italian Herb Vinaigrette

Use a mandoline or vegetable peeler to slice the squashes and carrots into super-thin slices. This gives them a lovely appearance and lots of surface area to absorb the piquant herb vinaigrette.

Serves: 6
20 mins Prep time
20 mins Prep time
  • For the Vinaigrette, mix all ingredients in small bowl with wire whisk until well blended. Set aside.

  • Trim squash ends. Slice yellow squash lengthwise into ribbons with a vegetable peeler or mandoline, discarding outside ribbons and core. Slice zucchini crosswise into thin round slices with a knife, vegetable peeler or mandoline. Slice carrots lengthwise into ribbons with a vegetable peeler or mandoline.

  • To serve, divide squash and carrots among each salad plate. Top with radishes and onion. Serve with Vinaigrette on the side.

Nutrition information

(Amount per serving)

  • 73Calories: 73Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Sodium: 22mgProtein: 1g
  • Total Fat: 5gFiber: 2g
  • Carbohydrate: 6g

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  • Emily on 02/25/2016

    Colorful and fresh. I did leave out the oregano to take some "Italian" edge off when serving it with game hen.

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  • Faith on 01/05/2016

    Lightweight and low call. Great to prepare in advance as a late night snack.

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  • Elaine on 01/15/2016

    Low cal, fresh tasty ingredients

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