Serve your sweetheart a special Valentine’s Day cocktail before the romantic dinner.

Serves: 2
5 mins Prep time
5 mins Prep time
  • Fill cocktail shaker two-thirds full with ice. Add light cream, vodka, chocolate syrup and strawberry flavor; shake until well mixed and chilled.

  • Strain into 2 martini glasses. Top with a dollop of whipped cream, if desired. Serve immediately.

Nutrition information

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  • Lisa W. on 02/14/2015

    I made this and it was great!

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  • Kristen on 02/16/2014

    I want to try it but try not to use imitation flavorings. Will try to find a real extract or use the raspberry instead.

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  • Sheri on 02/08/2014

    Sounds easy enough! Haven't tried it yet! I'll let you know after I have!!!

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