Farro "Rice" Pudding

Versatile farro is prepared like a rice pudding with milk, cinnamon, vanilla and raisins. Serve warm with a vibrant Blackberry Sauce for a new take on the classic dessert.

Serves: Makes 8 (2/3-cup) servings.
15 mins Prep time 1 hr Cook time
15 mins Prep time
1 hr Cook time
  • For the Farro “Rice” Pudding, bring water and farro to boil in large saucepan on medium heat. Reduce heat to low; simmer 15 minutes or until farro is tender. Drain and return farro to saucepan.

  • Stir in milk, half-and-half, sugar, eggs, cinnamon stick and cloves. Bring to boil on medium heat. Reduce heat to medium-low. Cook 45 minutes or until mixture is thick and creamy, stirring occasionally. Remove cinnamon stick. Stir in raisins and vanilla.

  • Meanwhile for the Blackberry Sauce, bring blackberries, water and sugar to boil in small saucepan. Cook until blackberries soften and sugar is dissolved. Carefully pour into blender container. Add cornstarch and liqueur. Cover. Blend on medium speed until smooth and thickened. Strain. Cool to room temperature. Serve with warm Farro “Rice” Pudding.

Cooking tip

Test Kitchen Tip: Farro is a healthy ancient wheat-based grain originally from Italy. It is rich in fiber and protein. Look for farro in the rice and pasta or organic sections of the supermarket.

Make Ahead: Transfer pudding to large bowl. Place plastic wrap directly on surface of pudding. Cool slightly then refrigerate. Refrigerate Blackberry Sauce. Warm pudding in microwave oven.

Nutrition information

(Amount per serving)

  • 356Calories: 356Cholesterol: 104mg
  • Sodium: 109mgProtein: 10g
  • Total Fat: 13gFiber: 3g
  • Carbohydrate: 49g