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Flavor MyPlate brochures.
Our brand new Flavor MyPlate brochure brings USDA’s MyPlate to life with simple tips full of flavor to help make it easier and more delicious to eat healthfully. 50 full-color accordion brochures per pack. Request brochure.


Tasty Tips and Usage Ideas to Boost Flavor

Whether you're working with clients and customers or preparing for a TV segment or culinary demo, these handouts can help.

   • Flavor MyPlate – Big Flavor Big Benefits (PDF)

   • 5 Feel-Good Ingredients to Have on Hand (PDF)     

   • Why’s Everyone Obsessed with Turmeric? (ARTICLE)

   • Do-It-Yourself Dressings (PDF)

   • Cooking with Flavor to Reduce Sodium and Fat (PDF)

   • Noodle 101. Fresh and Flavorful Noodles at Home 

   • How to Make Your Perfect Noodle Bowl 

General Spice Knowledge

   • A Short History of Spices and Herbs

   • How Long Should I Keep My Spices?