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McCormick Cinnamon

Lost Recipe Tips

Close your eyes and recall the flavors and aromas of a family recipe long forgotten. Is it the warm scent of cinnamon in the kitchen? The sweet tomato-basil aroma of Grandma’s Sunday sauce? It’s these very memories that are the link to connecting generations over the years.  

With a little help from McCormick®, you can bring these memories to life to share with family and friends, and keep your family’s legacy alive. The tips below will help you start conversations and uncover clues to recreating the magical taste of your very own lost recipe.

Let’s get started!
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Memory RecallMemory Recall

Memory Recall

Try to remember the flavors and aromas that filled the kitchen. Did the aroma have a warm sweetness like cinnamon? Or a rich, bourbon-y note like vanilla?

Start the ConversationStart the Conversation

Start the Conversation

Talk to family members and rely on their memories of the dish. Others may have different pieces of the puzzle that can help you unlock the flavor of that cherished dish.

Find Old CookbooksFind Old Cookbooks

Find Old Cookbooks

Try to find old cookbooks from the time when your family member would have made the recipe.

Discover Kitchen ToolsDiscover Kitchen Tools

Discover Kitchen Tools

Discover what kitchen tools were available at the time. Would your family member have used a wood, gas or electric stove? Did they have an electric mixer?

Recipe OriginsRecipe Origins

Recipe Origins

What part of the world did the recipe come from?

Get Cookin'!Get Cookin'!

Get Cookin'!

Download our Lost Recipe Tip Card for more tips on finding a lost recipe. You can also get our Test Kitchen worksheets, so you can start experimenting.