Ruby is a mother of two and the founder of “Growing up Blackxican,” a diverse modern family blog.

Ruby's Breakfast Morning Rituals

Mornings can be rough for this mama. I’ve never been a morning person, but being a mom calls for waking up early. So I’ve created morning breakfast rituals that help keep me me on track and make my day more productive. Here are four of my favorite tips.

1. Feed the family a quick hearty breakfast - I like quick, hearty eats, and burritos are always my go-to. Our favorite burrito is easy — just potatoes and eggs. Using Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, green pepper and onion to season the ingredients gives great flavor, but my kids love adding ketchup too!

"I jot down all the things I must complete during the day."


"I jot down all the things I must complete during the day."

2. Pack tasty lunches using leftovers - While the kids enjoy breakfast, I pack their lunches. When I have leftovers, I try to use them! Shredded chicken quesadillas are always a favorite lunch when we have leftover chicken from the night before. 

3. Start dinner early - When the kids leave the house, I start putting dinner together by defrosting meat (for my husband to cook later) or popping something in the slow cooker. I like using seasoning packets to add flavor to chicken or beef that can later be used for several meals. 

4. Take a break and plan your day - With my coffee in hand, I jot down all the things I must complete during the day. It’s a great way to gather my thoughts and finish waking up. It’s something to look forward to! 

I’ve had to learn to enjoy waking up early, but I love that my breakfast morning rituals involve my family.