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Ruby is a mother of two and the founder of “Growing up Blackxican,” a diverse modern family blog.

Ruby's 5 Kid-Friendly Meals for Busy Weeknights.

Mini Shredded Beef Empanadas 

Empanadas are my favorite meal to make especially with leftovers. You can fill them with pretty much any leftover seasoned meat to create a new meal. Making empanadas using biscuit dough makes it even easier to make dinner. Prep time: 10mins Cook time: 20mins Makes 20 mini empanadas 

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1lb of shredded beef
¼ cup diced onion
¼ cup diced tomato
1/3 cup of tomato sauce
2-3 tbsp of Lawry’s Chili seasoning mix
Medium size refrigerated biscuit dough
Cooking spray 

1. To a pan add onion, tomato, 1 and ½ cups of water, tomato sauce and Lawry’s Chili seasoning mix and bring to a simmer at medium low heat.
2. Add the shredded beef and bring to a simmer.
3. Drain the liquid from the meat and place in a bowl.
4. Flatten biscuit dough one at a time and fill with meat.
5. Fold dough up to create pocket and secure closing all around the biscuit with a fork.
6. Bake at 350F degree fir 8-10mins or until golden brown. 

TIP: Cook your beef in an electric pressure cooker for 90mins per pound ahead of time with water and onions. Use larger biscuit dough to make bigger empanadas with more filling. Bake accordingly.

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Albondiga Soup 

My grandmother made the best Albondigas when I was a kid. I loved them so much I made them for my kids and soon learned the round shape of a meatball is a total win among kids! I love changing up the veggies I add to keep it tasty and new for the family. 

Prep time: 10mins | Cook time: 30-40 mins | Feeds: 8-10 

1lb of ground beef
½ an onion
½ a tomato
1¼cups of long grain rice
1 cup of diced carrots
1 cup of diced zucchini
1 egg
1½tbs of chicken bouillon
1tbs of oil
2tbs oregano flakes
2 tbs Lawry’s Garlic Salt
1 tbs Lawry’s Seasoned Salt .

"I loved them so much I made them for my kids."

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"I loved them so much I made them for my kids."

1. In pot add oil, tomato and onion. Sautee until tender at medium heat
2. Add 10 cups of water and bring to a simmer
3. Add carrots and chicken bouillon cook at medium low heat and bring to a boil
4. In a mixing bowl add ground beef, oregano, garlic salt, seasoned salt, egg, and 1 cup of rice.
5. Mix all ingredients in the mixing bowl to make meatballs
6. Using a spoon add to the palm of your hand and roll small meatball.
7. Place meatballs on a dish and refrigerate for at least 10minutes
8. When Carrots come to boil, add meatballs by placing on a large spoon and dipping them in.
9. Add zucchini and ¼ cup of rice.
10. Cook until vegetables are tender and meatballs are completely cook through. 

TIP: The smaller your meatballs the faster they cook.

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Beef and Broccoli Teriyaki Sticks 

Food on stick is a favorite in my home. When kids get to make their own food on a stick it’s like play time at the dinner table. Putting together a few ingredients that can go on a stick like teriyaki beef and steamed broccoli is fun and delicious. 

Prep time: 5mins
Cook time: 20mins

1lb pre-cut beef strips
Lawry’s Teriyaki Marinade
Fresh Broccoli
Cooking spray

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1. Add ½ a bottle of Lawry’s Teriyaki Marinade to meat
2. Refrigerate for 10mins
3. Cut broccoli in to florets
4. Steam broccoli until tender set aside to cool
5. Lightly coat a pan with cooking spray
6. Add teriyaki beef with some of the marinade into pan
7. Cook beef on medium high until tender and well done

TIP: Serve with rice and drizzle a little of the marinade cooked with the beef over it.

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Green Enchilada Pie 

Much like casseroles and lasagnas enchilada pies is all about the layering. Kids love seeing how things are made and when it comes to an enchilada pie little ones can not only enjoy but they help make it! 

Prep time: 10mins | Cook time: 25mins | Feeds:

Green Enchilada Sauce
3-4 Poblano peppers
½ cup of Sour Cream  
¼ cup of Chicken stock
1-2 tbs Chicken Flavor Bouillon 

Enchilada Pie
3 shredded chicken breast
9-12 corn tortillas
Vegetable oil  
2tsp of Lawry’s Garlic Salt
Queso Fresco or Shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese

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For sauce: Make green enchilada sauce ahead of time stores up to 3 days refrigerated or use your favorite green enchilada sauce.
1. To make the sauce, char peppers over fire, place in a bag to cool down. Once cool peel and devein.
2. Liquefy peppers in a blender with sour cream, chicken stock, and Chicken flavor bouillon.
3. Store until ready to use
TIP: Sauce is best at room temperature. Do not heat it will separate. 

For Enchilada pie
1. Lightly fry corn tortillas in vegetable oil until and place on a plate to cool
2. Cook shredded chicken with garlic salt and ¼ cup of water until liquid reduces
3. Cut fried corn tortillas in half and layer straight side out in a glass-baking dish until the bottom is covered.
4. Next layer chicken over tortillas until covered and cover in green sauce
5. Begin another layer of corn tortillas this time dipped into the green sauce and place over chicken
6. Add queso fresco crumbles or shredded Monterrey jack cheese and chicken
7. Top off with the last layer of tortillas and extra cheese.
TIP: Serve immediately or at room temp. Garnish with lettuce and sour cream.

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Ground Turkey Tostada Boats 

Making food fun for kids is all in the name and letting them get hands on. Setting up taco bar style dinners is a family favorite with our kids. They love being able to create their own plates. With tostadas the crunch adds to the fun and they are so delicious! 

Prep time: 5mins | Cook time: 20mins | Feeds:

1lb ground turkey
¼ cup of diced onion
¼ cup of diced tomato
Lawry’s Chicken Fajita Seasoning Mix
Shredded lettuce
Shredded cheddar cheese
Sour cream
Cooking spray
Tostadas or flat bottom taco shells

"Making food fun for kids is all in the name and letting them get hands on."

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"Making food fun for kids is all in the name and letting them get hands on."

1. In a pan lightly coated with cooking spray sauté onion and tomato.
2. Add ground turkey to pan and brown
3. Add Lawry’s Chicken Fajita seasoning mix with recommended water.
4. Add ground turkey to a tostada and garnish with lettuce, cheese and sour cream 

TIP: Allow the kids to create their own tostada boat they’ll enjoy making and eating their food!