spice cabinet organizationspice cabinet organization
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5 Tips for Keeping Your Spice Cabinet Organized

1. Keep most-used spices within quick reach. Minimize the moving of rarely-used spices by keeping them out of the way.
2. Stack bottles to maximize space. Most spice jars and bottles have indentations on the top that allow for stacking. Be sure to put the most-used spices on top to help keep the cabinet tidy.
3. Corral herbs and spices that are used together by making a simple DIY lazy susan or utilizing bins or baskets. This keeps the space tidy and also makes jars easier to find.
4. If you purchase fresh spices, transfer them to space-saving glass jars. Use a funnel to make the task easy and mess-free and label with plastic stickers.
5. Organize your bottles in tiers by using plastic blocks or sponges from the dollar store. Cover blocks with patterned paper for a decorative touch.