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Herb Grinders are made with gently dried, larger cut leaves that lock in natural oils. As the bottle is twisted, these oils are released to deliver a fresher flavor and aroma.

Flavor, Freshly Ground

Introducing Herb Grinders in Basil, Italian Blend, Oregano and Parsley. A flavor innovation, each grinder contains gently dried herbs with larger cut leaves for taste and aroma that’s fresher than ever before.

Prep, cook, plate, feast! Herb Grinders are designed for all the ways you dish – from planning to cooking to garnishing at the table, it’s time to savor more flavorful moments in your everyday meals.

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Fresh Flavor at every turn

Each with a distinct flavor personality, the herbs inside Herb Grinders are carefully selected for quality that's 100% pure McCormick. Learn more about how our herbs are innovatively bottled for freshness.


The Mediterranean is one of the world’s best herb-growing regions, which is why Italian Blend is sourced from countries along its lush coast. Italian Blend Herb Grinder

Italian Blend

You can smell the aroma instantly as you grind the bottle. It makes my meals taste so fresh and cooking is more enjoyable.

Dylan S., Herb Grinders user


The bright, herbal flavors of parsley are captured in this innovative bottle design. Behind the fresh taste: Gently dried, larger cut leaves that lock in natural oils to deliver freshness at every spin. Parsley Herb Grinder



A blend of the finest Turkish oregano with leaves and buds – the most flavorful combination. Oregano Herb Grinder


The herbs have a longer shelf life than fresh herbs, so I get fresh flavor without all the chopping. It’s insanely convenient!

Suzanne H., Herb Grinders user


Part of the mint family, this subtly sweet and fragrant herb has so much to savor. Gently dried to retain its natural green shade, the basil inside this bottle is the highest quality variety we've discovered yet. Basil Herb Grinder


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