Limited Edition Summer 2017Limited Edition Summer 2017

Summer Grilling’s About to Get Epic

Grilling season has arrived! This year we’re combining flame and flavor in brand new ways. Think exciting marinade mixes combined with your favorite brews. And layering kits that combine rubs and marinades together for the ultimate in sweet, savory, spicy and smoky pairings.

Available for the 2017 grilling season only! You’ve got to get your hands on these awesome flavors before they’re gone.

“Bring Your Brew” Marinades

Grill Mates® Marinade Mix + Beer = Epic Grilling. This combination of spices and beer helps to tenderize the meat and creates an epic char.

Easy Grilling – Without the Fuss

Mix a single-use seasoning packet with your favorite brew to marinate up to two pounds of chicken, beef, pork and more.

Grill Mates Limited Edition 2017Grill Mates Limited Edition 2017

Veggie Marinades

Veggies are taking center stage at the grill! Experiment with creative seasonings, unexpected side dishes and ideas for hearty mains.


Layering Kits

Make it your own! With layer upon layer of big, bold, robust flavor customization.

Up your grill game with our recommended flavor pairings. From spicy and sweet to savory and smoky, there’s a match for everyone.