Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Peach Salsa

McCormick® Grill Mates® Smokin' Sweet Tea Marinade

A unique smoky blend of sweetened tea, spices and lemon.
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Usage Tips

Southwest Marinade
Makes 1/2 cup marinade.

1 package Grill Mates® Smokin' Sweet Tea Marinade
1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons apple cider or white vinegar
2 pounds chicken, pork or steak

1. Mix Marinade Mix, oil, water and vinegar in small bowl. Reserve 2 tablespoons marinade for basting. Place meat in large resealable plastic bag or glass dish. Add remaining marinade; turn to coat well.
2. Refrigerate 15 minutes or longer for extra flavor. (marinate seafood no longer than 30 minutes). Remove from marinade. Discard any remaining marinade.
3. Grill, broil or bake until cooked through, basting with reserved marinade halfway through cooking. Discard any remaining marinade.

Full Ingredients


Serving Size

1 tbsp. dry mix (4g) (Seasons 1 tbsp. marinade)

UPC Code

52100021287 (1.25oz)

Nutrition information (per Serving)

  • 10Calories
  • 0 mgCholesterol
  • 430 mgSodium
  • 0 gTotal Fat
  • 0gFiber
  • 3 gCarbohydrates

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“So sad to hear that your Smokin Sweet Tea marinade has been discontinued. It was my absolute favorite marinade. It is fabulous on grilled chicken. PLEASE BRING THIS ONE BACK”


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  • love this. why can't I order this on your web page? nne of my stores around town carry it anymore. :(

    Deana Sylvester | October 02, 2015

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  • probably my favorite. But, can no longer find in my local stores. :( 48152

    robin ledford | August 31, 2016

    (5.0) stars)
  • Was a fabulous marinade for chicken! I'm a southern girl that loves sweet tea so I had to give this a try...Awesome!!!

    DeAndrea | May 27, 2013

    (5.0) stars)
  • This was surprisingly good! Tried it with pork and chicken so far, with very delicious results.

    Tom | August 28, 2014

    (5.0) stars)
  • My absolute favorite, but can't find it in stores anymore :(

    Dalene | September 10, 2016

    (5.0) stars)
  • We love this!!!! I use it on my pork shoulder roast then cook on low in slow cooker all day ( along with a liquid of choice) . Makes the best pulled pork!!!

    Jeanette | December 05, 2016

    (5.0) stars)
  • Can't find it anywhere. Bring. It. Back!! Please.

    Kristi Faehse | December 28, 2016

    (5.0) stars)
  • Made pork chops on the grill with this and they were amazing. Even my picky 6 year old and 2 year old ate them.

    Lynette | August 25, 2013

    (5.0) stars)
  • I love, love, love this flavor, but I can't find it in the stores in Montgomery anymore. Did you discontinue it???? Please bring it back if you did!

    Sarah Church | October 29, 2016

    (5.0) stars)
  • Can't find it any where, not even on line! This is by far our favorite and one of the few my kids will eat. Please offer a solution to where I can find some more.

    Theresa | November 23, 2016

    (5.0) stars)
  • This was my favorite Mccormick seasoning... very good on chicken with salad... too bad that I can't find it in stores any more... ple bring it back... or include a recipe so it can be recreated...

    Jessica | January 19, 2017

    (5.0) stars)
  • Im waitin for this to come back in stores in Indiana or direct me to a case available to buy please

    Tony O'Dell | March 03, 2017

    (5.0) stars)
  • This is my favorite one, when I can find in a store I buy all of them since they are hard to find. Now the last store I could find them in doesn't get them any more either. Why can't we buy these online? Bring this one back, do not stop making this one available!

    Ken | March 07, 2017

    (5.0) stars)
  • So sad to hear that your Smokin Sweet Tea marinade has been discontinued. It was my absolute favorite marinade. It is fabulous on grilled chicken. PLEASE BRING THIS ONE BACK

    Christine | March 23, 2017

    (5.0) stars)