The Pursuit of Pure The Pursuit of Pure
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You'll be surprised when you taste the difference that the highest quality herbs and spices make. Bold flavors are our passion.

Al Goetze, McCormick Spice Buyer

Bring out bolder flavor in every meal

We know that you live for the herbs and spices that transform meals. So we’re kicking ours up a notch—and renewing our commitments to superior quality and fresh flavors in the process.

Introducing FlavorSealed: The innovative technology that will bring out the best in the dishes you love by locking taste, color and aroma in every bottle. It’s quality you can savor, see and smell—and one that will result in recipesthat go above and beyond. Cooks who appreciate the difference know that the greatest flavors begin with expert farmers sourcing the best ingredients. So naturally, that’s where we start.

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What is FlavorSealed?

This innovative technology bottles in fresh flavor for quality you can see, smell and taste

Bottle cap
  • Stay fresh

    Our new seal guarantees your ingredients stay fresh and full of flavor.

    Bottle Filter
  • Stay flavorful

    Our technology seals air* out to lock in the freshest flavor.

  • Stay colorful

    Tightly sealed, our herbs and spices maintain their color longer.

  • Stay authentic

    Simply the best herbs and spices to transform your next meal.

Basil Spoon

Because the following items are hand packed, they are not FlavorSealed: Cinnamon Sticks, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Turkish Bay Leaves, Saffron, Organic Turkish Bay Leaves

For those who live for flavor

Creating in the kitchen brings you joy–and we're excited to surprise you with the rich, vibrant flavors that our herbs and spices bring out in every dish. Learn how we go to great lengths to provide you with the very best ingredients.


We partner with our famers to guarantee the superior quality of our products. We take this relationship seriously, and are continuously developing our skills to bring the finest herbs and spices to your kitchens.


I'm proud of our commitment to the farming communities we work with. We have made it our goal to help these communities thrive and prosper.

Al Goetze, McCormick Spice Buyer


Unlike other brands, we provide safe, natural spices and herbs without the use of harsh chemicals, like EtO or PPO.


Fresh Flavor

After picking our herbs and spices at the peak of freshness, they are FlavorSealed to give you the freshest flavor.

Fresh Flavor
Fresh Flavor

As a chef, I know that quality ingredients are essential for the freshest flavor. The very best end dishes start with the very best ingredients.

Kevan Vetter, Executive Chef of McCormick Kitchens

A superior spiceTurkish Bay Leaves

Cooks who know the difference count on Turkish bay leaves to deliver savory, earthy tastes to their favorite Mediterranean dishes. Learn how ours deliver authentic flavor with each use.

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