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Wake Up Breakfast. No Recipe Required. Wake Up Breakfast. No Recipe Required.
McCormick Cinnamon

Good Morning Tips

Wake Up Breakfast.
No Recipe Required.

Shake or sprinkle Good Morning Toppers and Seasonings onto the breakfast staples you already love. The tips below will show you how to add real flavor and texture - fast.

Tips: Breakfast Toppers

blueberry_ginger_shake_281x180 blueberry_ginger_shake_800x452_011018

Blueberry Ginger with Chia & Flax

What goes into the breakfast bowl of our dreams? Juicy fruit, cool, creamy yogurt and a generous shake of toppers - real blueberries, warm ginger, chia and flax.
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breakfast_toppers_cocoa_banana_281x180_011018 breakfast_toppers_cocoa_banana_800x452_011018

Cocoa Banana with Chia & Flax

Peanut butter toast takes center stage with this easy flavor upgrade. Sprinkle toppers over your favorite toasted bread for a pop of chocolatey, fruity taste and crunch.
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breakfast_toppers_pineapple_toasted_coconut_281x180_011018 breakfast_toppers_pineapple_toasted_coconut_800x452_011018

Pineapple Toasted Coconut WITH CHIA & FLAX

Add a tropical twist to your morning bowl of yogurt with a few shakes of our pineapple toasted coconut topper.
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Breakfast_Toppers_AvocadoToast_281x180_011018 Breakfast_Toppers_AvocadoToast_800x452_011018

Southwest Chipotle WITH CHIA & FLAX

Perk up the taste and texture of avocado toast with a unique mix of chipotle, bell pepper, chia and flax. Just shake-shake-shake!
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Tips: Breakfast Seasonings

garden_herb_good_morning_281x180_gif garden_herb_good_morning_800x452_011018

Garden Herb

Elevate your morning with a simple shake of our signature blend of herby seasoning. Perfect for eggs, toast, hashbrowns … all the breakfast power players!
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brown_sugar_vanilla_toast_281x180 brown_sugar_vanilla_toast_800x452

Brown Sugar Vanilla

A few quick shakes of our Brown Sugar Vanilla over toast will take you right back to your childhood! Toast. Butter. Sprinkle. Enjoy.
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bell_pepper_salsa_scrambled_eggs_281x180 bell_pepper_salsa_scrambled_eggs_800x452

Bell Pepper Salsa

Breakfast is anything but basic with the vibrant flavors of chili pepper and paprika. Sprinkle blend over eggs - while cooking or tableside - for a flavorful kick-start to the day.
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breakfast_seasoning_apple_cinnamon_281x180_011018 breakfast_seasoning_apple_cinnamon_800x452_011018

Apple Cinnamon

Fuel up for the day with a trusty bowl of oatmeal sweetened with fruit and apple cinnamon seasoning.
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