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Matching your tastes with our recipes

Introducing FlavorPrint. A unique service that allows you to discover exciting new flavors and recipes based on your current flavor favorites.

What Is FlavorPrint?

We believe it should be easy to find recipes that you and your family will enjoy. FlavorPrint is a service that’s designed to make your search quick and stress-free. Thoughtfully created by McCormick flavor experts and Vivanda, a food technology company, FlavorPrint seamlessly identifies the tastes you like based on the recipes you view or save, as well as the ratings you post to our site. Over time, FlavorPrint starts to recognize the types of recipes and flavors you view often – and will deliver more of them to you.

How Does FlavorPrint Work?

It’s easy to get started. Simply start browsing the McCormick site. Once FlavorPrint begins to recognize your flavor preferences, it goes to work, curating recipes and product recommendations. This customized-just-for-you experience across our entire site saves you valuable time in the search process. With FlavorPrint, you can spend less time hunting and gathering, and more time doing what you love – cooking and making new food memories with family and friends.

How Do I Know It’s Working?

Keep an eye on the FlavorPrint logo at the bottom of the page. When you see “Enhanced by FlavorPrint,” that’s when you’ll know the service is bringing you delicious recipes matched to your favorite flavors!