The Flavors of 2018

Discover your new favorite flavors, ingredients you’d never imagined using and globally-inspired recipes you’ll make at home for years to come. Dive into street food, learn about Japanese izakayas and taste the flavors of Africa. Here, you’ll find casual, fun and even interactive dishes—all created to help you taste the flavors of tomorrow.


Handheld Flavor Fusion

Take to the streets for the latest fusing of global cuisines. Carts, trucks and food halls are merging high-flavor fillings with unique crepes, buns and breads for loaded street fare you eat with your hands.

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Globetrot with Hot Pot

Throw an Asian hot pot party and leave the cooking to your guests. Gather friends around a steamy pot of deeply flavored broth. Offer meat, seafood and veggies for dunking, then finish with various toppings for a new DIY meal. This East Asian favorite can be easily changed up to go Mexican, Caribbean and more.

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Drink to Your Wellness

Wellness never tasted so good. Breakfast boosts, snacking soups and end-of-day sips feature robust flavors and uplifting ingredients like cucumber, dandelion greens, ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper. Awaken, stay energized, rebalance and above all, enjoy.

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Japanese Izakaya Eats

Sushi isn’t the only bite-sized food Japan has to offer. Izakayas—Japanese gastropubs—serve up casual tasting plates, similar to Spanish tapas. Featuring bold glazes, tangy sauces and seaweed seasonings, these dishes are an explosion of flavor.

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A Bite of East Africa

East Africa is a treasure trove of flavor. At last, the signature seasonings, BBQ marinades and sauces of Tanzania and Ethiopia are being discovered across the globe.

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