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Grilling Tips

We know our stuff when it comes to grilling. And with a few tricks, videos and recipes, you, too, will be master of the flame. Bring on the heat below.

Know Your Heat

Better flame leads to better flavor. Whether you’re a fan of gas, charcoal, open-flame or smokers, this is the info you need to get your grilling done right.

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Grilling Steak

From selecting the perfect cut to adding serious Grill Mates® flavor, check out our tips, techniques and videos to create the ultimate grilled steaks.

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Grilling Chicken

Chicken will never be boring again. Explore epic marinades and rubs to ramp up flavor at the grill. Or experiment with trending grilling techniques … beer can chicken anyone?

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Beer Can ChickenBeer Can Chicken

Grilling Veggies

The savory sidekick to juicy steaks and perfectly charred chicken? Grilled veggie sides (or main dishes) flavored with our epic marinades, seasonings and rubs.

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Lime Honey ButterLime Honey Butter

Grilling Seafood

Move over stove. Throw today’s catch directly to the grill for bold, smoky flavor. Surf and turf. Fish tacos. BBQ salmon. We’ve got everything you need for quick-grilled, mouth-watering meals.

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Bacon Wrapped Grilled ScallopsBacon Wrapped Grilled Scallops