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  • Participate in Our Salt-Free Seasoning Sample Program for Your Customers
    Great for in-store demos and events

  • Flavor MyPlate Brochures (full-color packs of 50)
    Handouts you can bring to life and share with Customers and at presentations and demos

Tasty Tips and Usage Ideas to Boost Flavor to Improve Health
Whether you’re working with clients and customers or preparing for a TV segment or culinary demo, these handouts can help.

  • Flavor MyPlate – Big Flavor Big Benefits
    Our Flavor MyPlate brochure brings USDA’s MyPlate to life with simple tips full of flavor to help make it easier and more delicious to eat healthfully.
  • 5 Feel-Good Ingredients to Have on Hand (PDF)
    • From turmeric to bone broth, these five functional ingredients that boost nutrition and flavor throughout the day are getting a lot of buzz. Discover flavorful tips and learn why these ingredients should become pantry staples in all of our kitchens.

  • Why’s Everyone Obsessed with Turmeric? …and how to incorporated it deliciously into the a healthy diet. 

  • Do-It-Yourself Dressings (pdf)
    • People are often intimidated about making their own salad dressing. Here are a few quick and easy tips to boost the flavor while reducing the stress.

  • Cooking with Flavor to Reduce Sodium and Fat (pdf)
    • Recent studies show it may be an effective – and enjoyable – way to reduce sodium and fat. Here’s how.

Special Diets

  • Gluten Free (GF)
    • Good to know: all of McCormick single herbs and spices and herb blends are gluten-free. (Another stat from our educational decks)
    • GF gravies and sauces (pdf)
    • GF recipes (LINK TO PRE-SEARCH/SORT in recipe database)

  • Recipes for low sodium, low fat, low calorie, fiber rich, or low carb. Get recipes >
    McCormick offers more than 450 salt-free products for individuals closely watching sodium intake.

Research [link to page]

General Spice Knowledge

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