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Holiday Baking Leftover Rescue

Tips and tricks for leftover spices, nuts, chocolate morsels and more.

Take a peek in the cupboard post-holiday baking extravaganza. What do you see? A handful of nuts, a few chocolate morsels and bits and pieces of other ingredients. Put those leftover bites to good use, and make any dish more delish with these easy ideas from the kitchen experts at McCormick, Diamond Nuts and Nestlé® Toll House®.

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Pie in the (chocolate) sky

Just when you thought pecan pie couldn't get any more delicious. Add a special touch with melted chocolate morsels for a pretty and sweet treat.

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Perfect pops

Give marshmallows a second life with an easy treat kids can help make. Skewer each marshmallow. Dip into melted chocolate. Decorate with cinnamon, chopped nuts, and other favorite toppings. Devour.

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Chocolate morsel madness

Dress up biscotti or cookies with melted chocolate morsels. Simply melt morsels into a pool of rich chocolate. Coat cookies half way … or all the way!

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Morsel Mix-in

Stir chocolate morsels into pancake or waffle batter for a welcome addition to this breakfast staple. Try serving with toasted walnuts and maple syrup on top.

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Oatmeal upgrade

Everyday oatmeal turns into a can’t-resist treat with the addition of chocolate morsels. Sprinkle on the flavor with a dusting of cinnamon and top with chopped pecans. Mornings just got tastier.

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