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Mapleine Imitation Maple Flavor Mapleine Imitation Maple Flavor Mapleine Flavor, Crescent Brand 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 user reviews
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Mapleine Imitation Maple Flavor

Mapleine Flavor, Crescent Brand

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This Product Is Gluten-Free.

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Imitation maple flavor for cakes, cookies, muffins and breads.

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  • Karen A. on 07/25/2016

    Makes the best maple syrup ever. I actually like it better than the stuff from the trees. I've been using this since I can't get

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  • JOHN W. on 07/07/2014

    Where can I get this in Canada

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  • John on 03/10/2016

    Love Mapleine, but not very happy that I can't buy it in Canada anymore. And I don't care what you say McCormick, your brand of maple extract is nothing close to the flavour Mapleine has

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  • Art F. on 02/20/2016

    Why does my mapleine syrup crystalize. I keep it in the refrigerator. Could it be than I'm under/over cooking it? Within 3-4 weeks, it begins to crystalize. Perhaps setting the bottle in a pan of very hot water might make it un-crystalize? It's the only syrup I've use since I was a kid more than 70 years ago. Far better than anything else on the store shelves.

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  • Peggy on 02/19/2016

    Why can't I buy Mapleine at supermarkets anymore? I found it on Amazon and will stock up. It makes the best homemade syrup every.

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  • Lorinda on 10/05/2015

    Of all the brands and alternatives I've tried (maple extract, maple syrup, maple flavoring, maple sugar) there is nothing that tastes as maple-y as Mapleine. It was a staple in my household when I was growing up, and it is featured regularly on my baking blog. Nothing else compares.

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  • Sandra on 07/28/2015

    The absolute best maple flavored extract on the market--too bad it is so difficult to find in the local grocery store chains!

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  • Darby P. on 07/15/2015

    This is the best product for making homemade syrup! Nothing else compares. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to find in stores. I really wish it was more readily available.

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  • Joy on 02/07/2015

    I also grew up on this homemade syrup and now my daughter, 30, makes it as well. Just hate that imitation junk in the grocery store!

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  • Daniel C. on 12/12/2014

    Grew up with this as the maple syrup we purchased during fall and spring ran out, dad would just fire up a pot with sugar, water, and Mapeline. I use it to "fix" the flavor of store-bought syrup when I need a shortcut. I've also made it with Splenda to great effect, but less syrupy.

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  • Julie on 10/16/2014

    Why can't I find this in any grocery stores? I went into several grocery stores JUST to look for this.My Mom used this to make syrup all my years of growing up. It tastes exactly like real maple syrup. It is so much better than the gross, thick syrup stores sell. I am highly disappointed it is so hard to find!

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  • Schannon on 09/01/2014

    I grew-up with this for my syrup since I was little.My mom made this for my brother and I.and for my son's.please don't stop selling it here in florida.We love it.Thank you Schannon.W.

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  • Royer C. on 11/05/2013

    Hola quisiera saber donde puedo encontrar sus productos en santa cruz bolivia ya que son muy ricos. Espero que me puedan ayudar Gracias

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  • Cindy on 10/13/2013

    I love it as well!! I have a Maple Frosted Pecan cookie I make with it and I'm afraid the new kind I had to buy, because our local stores also stopped selling it, won't to justice to my cookies!

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  • Erica on 09/16/2013

    I love it! It makes the best syrup ever, of course our local stores have stopped selling it. Nothing else comes close to it.

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