Skillet Sauce Chili

McCormick® Chili Skillet Sauce adds robust flavors to chili in one easy package.

Serves: 5
5 mins Prep time 15 mins Cook time
5 mins Prep time
15 mins Cook time
  • Brown ground beef in large skillet on medium-high heat. Drain fat.

  • Stir in Skillet Sauce, beans and tomatoes. Bring to boil; reduce heat to low.

  • Simmer, uncovered, 10 minutes or until heated through.

Nutrition information

(Amount per serving)

  • 280Calories: 280Cholesterol: 54mg
  • Sodium: 687mgProtein: 22g
  • Total Fat: 12gSaturated Fat: 4g
  • Fiber: 6gCarbohydrate: 21g