Lawrys_Tips_Cucumber_620x635 Lawrys_Tips_Cucumber_620x635

How Are You Using Lawry's?

Get the scoop on how Lawry's fans like you are shaking, mixing and savoring Garlic Salt and Seasoned Salt.

Lawrys_Tips_Popcorn_620x635 Lawrys_Tips_Popcorn_620x635

A Pop of Flavor

It's movie night! Try this easy flavor upgrade to popcorn. Season microwave or stovetop popcorn with Lawry's Seasoned Salt for a savory snack. Prefer the taste of garlic? Try it with Lawry's Garlic Salt instead.

Lawrys_Tips_Fries_620x635 Lawrys_Tips_Fries_620x635

Frozen French Fry Shortcut

Frozen French fries + Olive oil + Lawry's Seasoned Salt = The kids are going to love these

Lawrys_Tips_Cucumber_620x635 Lawrys_Tips_Cucumber_620x635

Love At First Cucumber

Simple but delicious. Fresh cucumber slices topped with lemon juice and a shake of Lawry's Seasoned Salt make the perfect after-school snack.

Lawrys_Tips_ScrambledEggs_620x635 Lawrys_Tips_ScrambledEggs_620x635

Scrambled Eggs Shakedown

The secret behind mouth-watering scrambled eggs? Lawry's! Add a pinch of Garlic or Seasoned Salt next time you're whipping up a quick breakfast (or breakfast-for-dinner - no shame!) with the fam.

Lawrys_Tips_Pasta_620x635 Lawrys_Tips_Pasta_620x635

So Long, Plain Jane Pasta

Get the kids to taste outside of the box tonight. Start with pasta in butter sauce. Add good-for-you veggies and top it all off with Lawry's Garlic Salt. Oh, so delish!

Lawrys_Tips_AvocadoToast_620x635 Lawrys_Tips_AvocadoToast_620x635

Seasoned Salt Snack Break

Layer cottage cheese and avocado on toast with a touch of 25% Less Sodium Seasoned Salt. Snack away.