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Adolphs Prime Cut Chicken Marinade Mix Adolphs Prime Cut Chicken Marinade Mix NEW! A zesty blend of garlic, onion, peppers and herbs. 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 user reviews
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Adolph's&ref; Prime Cut Chicken Marinade Mix

NEW! A zesty blend of garlic, onion, peppers and herbs.

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Corn Maltodextrin, Salt, Modified Corn Starch, Whey (Milk), Herbs And Spice, Hydrolyzed Corn Gluten, Garlic, Soy Sauce (Soybean, Wheat, Salt), Onion, Jalapeno Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, Calcium Silicate (To Make Free Flowing), And Natural Flavor.

Serving size

3/4 tsp. (2.5g)

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Usage tips

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Refrigerate: 15 minutes
Makes 3/4 cup marinade

1 pkg. Prime Cut Chicken Marinade Mix
3 tbsp. oil
3 tbsp. vinegar
2 lbs. chicken*
* We like it on boneless chicken breasts or thighs or bone-in parts.

MIX Marinade Mix, water, oil and vinegar in small bowl. Place chicken in large resealable plastic bag or glass dish. Add marinade; turn to coat well.
REFRIGERATE 15 minutes. Remove chicken from marinade. Discard any remaining marinade.
GRILL or BROIL: Grill or broil boneless chicken over medium heat 6 to 8 minutes per side or until cooked through. Grill bone-in chicken parts over medium heat with lid closed 30 to 40 minutes or until cooked through, turning occasionally. (Broiling not recommended for parts).
TO BAKE: Bake boneless chicken in single layer on large foil-lined baking pan in preheated 400ºF oven 30 minutes or until cooked through. Bake bone-in parts for 45 minutes or until cooked through.

Prepare the Grill: Clean grill grates and preheat grill. Use tongs to rub the grates with a paper towel dipped in oil. This will prevent the chicken from sticking.
For Extra Flavor: Before marinating the chicken, set aside 2 tbsp. of the prepared Marinade for basting halfway through baking.
We also recommend on other types of meat, such as pork chops, pork tenderloin, beef sirloin or flank steaks.

Product nutrition information

(Amount per serving)

  • Calories: 5
  • Cholesterol: 0
  • Sodium: 400
  • Sugar: 0
  • Fat: 0
  • Fiber: 0
  • Carbohydrates: 1

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  • MJ N. on 04/15/2016

    Why did you change the Adolph's Marinade the red package? It was wonderful and every time I used it everyone wanted to know what marinade I used. Don't mess with success. The new is not good at all. You must be catering more to the hispanic and black taste. My children won't eat the chicken on which I used the new marinade.

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