Pineapple Steaks with Toasted Coconut

Grill outside the box with seasoned pineapple “steaks”. Douse thick-cut slices of pineapple with a mixture of coconut milk and spices for an easy 30-minute marinade. Toss ‘em on the grill until lightly charred and top with toasted coconut and fresh cilantro. It’s about to get real tropical, real fast.

Serves: 6
10 mins Prep time 10 mins Cook time
10 mins Prep time
10 mins Cook time
  • Mix Marinade Mix and coconut milk in small bowl. Place pineapple steaks in large resealable plastic bag or glass dish. Add marinade; turn to coat well.

  • Refrigerate 30 minutes or longer for extra flavor. Remove pineapple steaks from marinade. Reserve leftover marinade.

  • Grill pineapple steaks over medium heat 5 minutes per side or until lightly charred, brushing with leftover marinade. Serve pineapple steaks topped with toasted coconut and cilantro.

Nutrition information

(Amount per serving)

  • 140Calories: 140Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Sodium: 571mgProtein: 1g
  • Total Fat: 4gSaturated Fat: 3g
  • Fiber: 3gCarbohydrate: 25g