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Grill Mates Peppercorn Garlic Marinade Grill Mates Peppercorn Garlic Marinade A savory blend of cracked black peppercorns, garlic and onion. 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 user reviews
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Grill Mates® Peppercorn Garlic Marinade

A savory blend of cracked black peppercorns, garlic and onion.

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Salt, Spices (Including Red Pepper), Cracked Black Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Modified Corn Starch, Green And Red Bell Peppers, Caramel Color, Maltodextrin, Worcestershire Sauce (Molasses, Vinegar, Corn Syrup, Salt, Caramel Color, Garlic, Sugar, Spices, Tamarind, And Natural Flavor), Extractives Of Garlic And Black Pepper, And Sulfiting Agents.

Serving size

1 tsp. dry mix (2.5g) (Seasons 1 tbsp. marinade)

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Usage tips

Peppercorn & Garlic Marinade
Makes 3/4 cup marinade.

1 package Grill Mates® Peppercorn & Garlic Marinade
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup vegetable or olive oil
2 tablespoons white vinegar or red wine vinegar
2 pounds beef*, pork or lamb
1. Mix Marinade Mix, water, oil and vinegar in small bowl. Reserve 2 tablespoons marinade for basting. Place meat in large resealable plastic bag or glass dish. Add remaining marinade; turn to coat well.
2. Refrigerate 15 minutes or longer for extra flavor. Remove meat from marinade. Discard any remaining marinade
3. Grill, broil or bake until desired doneness, basting with reserved marinade halfway through cooking. Discard remaining marinade. * Best with strip, ribeye, sirloin or flank steak.

Balsamic Herb Marinade: Use 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar instead of white vinegar, and add 1 teaspoon McCormick® Thyme Leaves. Continue with Steps 2 and 3 above.

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Cracked Peppercorn Marinated Steaks

Serves: Makes 8 servings.
Prep time: 5 mins

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(Amount per serving)

  • Calories: 5
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Sodium: 340 mg
  • Fat: 0 g
  • Fiber: 0 g
  • Carbohydrates: 1 g

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  • avatar smiley
    Merida B. on 10/07/2013

    I agree w/Jeff... A family favorite for my family as well w/steak.. My kids go bonkers for this. Gives steak a whole new meaning. I usually use this marinade w/skirt steak. It's delicious. I actually came to this website to look for this marinade. The supermarkets within my vicinity do not carry this anymore. I guess I will have to order online by the case :)

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  • avatar smiley
    Jeff on 03/17/2013

    By far, the family favorite marinade for beef, especially flank steak. Great for last minute dinners, I can put this marinade together, place the meat in the marinade, and the meat is ready to go by the time the grill is preheated.

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  • avatar smiley
    Katt on 10/28/2015

    We live in Indonesia, and bring a little bit of home with us every time we visit Canada. This was a great addition to our cupboard. I marinaded the steaks for two hours. Wow, strong flavour, perfect. We will be sure to pick up more when we return to Canada.

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