5 Minute Marinating

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5-Minute Marinating

Adding this speedy technique to your toolbox will change your grilling game, slashing prep time and amping up the flavor of favorite recipes.

How to Marinate in 5-Minutes

Imagine achieving perfectly-marinated meats on the grill in less than five minutes. According to the experts in the McCormick Kitchens, 5-minute marinating is now within reach for grillers, with a hands-on technique that infuses popular cuts of meat with big flavor in less time than it takes to heat the grates.

Marinating Step 1
1.Place chicken, pork, or steak with your marinade of choice in a resealable bag.
TMarinating Step 2
2.Push air out of the bag and seal lightly.
Marinating Step 3
3.Massage the meat for 5 minutes, turning the bag over and often so the meat absorbs most of the marinade. Remove the meat and grill. Discard the remaining marinade.