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Grill Mates Fiery 5 Pepper Seasoning Grill Mates Fiery 5 Pepper Seasoning <strong>Discontinued January 2015.</strong> Flavor You Can See!&trade; Shake on this exciting blend of ancho, chipotle, and roasted chile peppers. 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 user reviews
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Grill Mates® Fiery 5 Pepper Seasoning

Discontinued January 2015. Flavor You Can See!™ Shake on this exciting blend of ancho, chipotle, and roasted chile peppers.

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Sea Salt, Spices (Including Ancho Chile, Chipotle Flakes, Cayenne Pepper, Roasted Chili Pepper, Black Pepper And Oregano), Unrefined Sugar, Garlic, Onion, Red Bell Pepper, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, And Extractives Of Paprika.

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1/4 tsp. (0.8g)

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Usage tips

Shake 1 tablespoon Seasoning per 1 pound of chicken, steak, pork, or shrimp before grilling or broiling.

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Grilled Polenta with Charred Tomatoes

Serves: Makes 12 appetizer servings.
Prep time: 10 mins

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  • Tami on 06/13/2014

    Can't seem to find this anymore and I gave my stash (purchased a whole bunch while it was on sale) to my mom who didn't have in her area. Now recently I cannot locate in any of my local stores (south florida). Help...this is one of my favorite seasonings...works with everything.

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  • Yvette on 03/04/2016

    Please bring this back! It is the only McCormick seasoning we like!

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  • Marsha on 05/24/2014

    One of my absolute favorite spices. I use this in many recipes. Tastes great! So imagine my disappointment when I didn't see it at the store. Hope they didn't discontinue making it!

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  • Anonymous on 04/01/2016

    Come back!!!!!!!!!

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  • Mia on 03/14/2016


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  • Linda on 02/27/2016

    This site says it's discontinued as of Jan 2015. It's too bad as this was the only Grill Mate that went with everything and tasted the best - the other's don't even come close. . I guess I'll have to buy all the ingredients myself to make.

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  • Marina V. on 02/07/2016

    This is the best spice blend ever! Works with everything! Why would you discontinue something as good as this? Please bring it back!

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  • Camille on 02/04/2016

    Fiery 5 pepper blend needs to make a comeback! I'm on my last bottle... Why discontinue it when it was always sold out here in (Chicago. I know that if the seasoning made a retirn a many of people would be grateful and buy out the shelves.

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  • Brian on 01/26/2016

    Fiery pepper was your best grill mates seasoning and me and 4 others i know at work and 2 personal friends of mine outside of work are really disappointed you guys took your fiery seasoning off the shelves everyone loved it i cant understand why you guys would. Now i am back to trying new companys seasoning again fiery was the only one you guys had i liked for steak a hate motreal and spicey montreal steak what a shame who ever made the call to take fiery 5 pepper off the shelf should be fired... Brian

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  • Ken on 01/22/2016

    Please don't discontinue!!

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  • Alex on 01/06/2016

    By far my favorite spice blend. To bad it is no longer made.

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  • linda on 10/21/2015

    Love it on salmon!

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  • Maria on 10/03/2015

    Leaves food with a wonderful smell, tastes great, spicy

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  • Ronald B. on 09/05/2015

    I love this seasoning and use it frequently in many meals

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  • Eileen L. on 08/20/2015

    I love this blend which I discovered when Shaw's sold it off as reduced. I got 2, but should have taken them all. Now I can not find it in Middletown / Newport, Rhode Island. I just may have to blend my own.

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  • Kimberly on 07/03/2015

    We love this.....PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

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  • Devon M. on 06/03/2015

    I love this stuff its one of my top 3, but WHAT HAPPENED TO IT. Its no where to be found.

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  • Andrew A. on 05/01/2015

    Absolutely delicious! Was very glad to be able to find it again on Amazon.com

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  • Harry on 04/26/2015

    Why is this off the shelves in Florida?

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  • Emily S. on 04/15/2015

    Help! My son loves this seasoning. The bottle we had just ran out and I went to get more only I couldn't find it anywhere. I tried four different named stores and couldn't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where to find it? I am in Virginia.

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  • Brendan on 10/21/2014

    A great pepper mix with wonderful flavor I hope that they bring this blend back!

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  • George M. on 09/01/2014

    To me its like WOW I put it on every thing

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  • sarah on 08/02/2014

    I use this to season my beef jerky and it is AMAZING! However, it has now become absolutely impossible to find in my area of GA. Very upsetting!

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  • donna on 09/17/2015

    tastes great - very hard to find

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  • John D. on 04/20/2015

    It seems that McCormick does not care about it's customers. They have not responded to the posts on this forum as to the absence of the 5 Pepper seasoning. It's become unavailable across the country and they simply ignore everyone who has posted here. When or where, is it going to be available? I personally know of 5 people who are actively looking for it here in San Diego and they have had zero results. It's hard to be a McCormick customer with their apathy towards those of who have posted here. I will not be purchasing any products made by McCormick until they show more interest

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